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What is Phentermine?

Phentermine – being a controlled substance it is used as the best appetite suppressant for short-term use alongside with the exercise and reducing the calorie which is intake. It has amphetamine as its active ingredient which is the major reason to lose weight.

Phentermine is the best fat burner because the primary mode of action is that of sympathomimetic amine, that is it will increase the body’s release of catecholamine’s, especially, norepinephrine and epinephrine, and moreover possibly dopamine, as well. This catecholamine leads to cause a decrease in appetite suppressant and an increase in the energy by the impacting the variety of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. To say simply to make understand clearly when you are taking Phentermine you tend to feel less hungry but to be more active and energetic, in other words, the drug called as energy pills. Increased energy would be more calories and results in weight loss.

Phentermine pills

Phentermine 37.5mg: Phen 37.5mg is the most popular dosage which usually prescribed by the physicians that come in white and blue capsules forms. Other popular dosage forms are 15mg and 30mg, which called as a skinny pill. Before taking this approved diet pill, you need to consult your doctor about which dosage form is suitable for your health condition.



What is Adipex?

Adipex is the most popular drug for the brand Phentermine, the best fat burner for women. It helps the people to reduce the excess pounds just by suppressing appetite and increasing the energy. With the help of a healthy diet and exercise, this medication helps you to transform the lifestyle and reach your goals by achieving the best shape in your body. As a result, the drug accounts as a best weight loss supplement for women moreover it is also the best weight loss supplement for men as well.

There are no legal issues on selling Adipex online or over the counter. Sale of Adipex or Phentermine without Rx is considered to be illegal since both are prescription diet pills. The cost of the Adipex P drug would cost based on the many factors such as pharmacy, discounts, season, demand and many more.

Adipex P pills

Adipex P: This drug is normally available in white tablet form with blue specks on it. It is majorly manufactured in the United States basically for the North America region. Adipex pills have the ingredients which will only include Phentermine HCL as its active ingredient and the rest are additives. Before taking Adipex, it is recommended to consult your healthcare professional to find out the suitable dosage strength for your health condition.


What is the difference between Phentermine and Adipex P?

Adipex vs Phentermine

Phentermine and Adipex P are the same. Both are diet pills, best weight loss supplements, energy pills. There is no major difference. Adipex is a brand diet pill which contains Phentermine as its active ingredients and is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Adipex medication often comes with 37.5 mg but sometimes the doctor may prescribe with 15mg and 30mg.

Adipex and Phentermine both are the same stimulants but these are different in their usages. Generally, these two medications are prescribed by doctors for the patient who wants to lose their weight. Also, from the old days to nowadays Phentermine is the world famous prescribed medicine to burn fat in the body of the patient. It is not surprising since this best fat burner drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA in 1959 which is the major action of appetite suppression.

These two weight loss products share the same results identical to each other, precautions and even side effects. There are minor differences between Adipex and Phentermine medications which are listed below.

Phentermine and Adipex Differences 

  • Adipex medication is an alternative to the generic Phentermine which consists of Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5mg, Brand Phentermine has the chemical substance and dosage of the brand version of Phentermine 37.5mg.
  • Unlike Phentermine, Adipex consists not only of active ingredients but also consists of various extra inactive components, including a colorant, cornstarch, and other chemical substances that are combined to get an easily recognized product etc.
  • Apart from the drug forms and dosages, both the medications have been differing in inactive ingredients which are combined with the active components. So that it can produce the different effects.
  • However, the end result of the weight loss treatment course would depend on the general health condition of the patient. Both the weight loss pills can cause the slight different effect and lead to the treatment process differently.

Contradictions between Adipex and Phentermine

  • Do not consume those drugs if you are allergic to the medications. Also, it is excellent to give attention to an exception to such issues as high blood pressure, glaucoma and thyroid etc. Also, it is better to avoid in case if you have the heart problems, like stroke and heart attack etc.
  • It is not good to intake the Adipex and Phentermine for the breastfeeding and pregnant women. As they have a severe impact on the health of the fetus and the nursing child.
  • If you are MAO inhibitors were consumed within the last two weeks it is recommended to avoid taking the drug. You should follow the doctor’s written Rx and never change the prescribed dosage and strength during the treatment course.

Both the Phentermine and Adipex medications are strived to serve only a part of the complete weight loss process. In addition to those medications, a person who wants to achieve the effect faster, one should be stick to a balanced diet, taking low-calorie food and working out regularly. By increasing the drug dosage which means it doesn’t produce the boosted effect; henceforth it can cause multiple severe health side effects.

How much weight can I lose by using Phentermine?

When it comes to treating excessive weight or obesity Phentermine or Adipex pill is the only ray of hope to be the solution before the surgery. Many people with obesity have taken phentermine for weight loss in order to lose their weight. Some might find this medication to be successful and some feel the opposite. So doctor supervision is necessary to start the treatment.

Weight loss on Phentermine

Are Phentermine diet pills effective?

Top diet pills

Yes, of course, Phentermine diet pills are more effective and the effects would vary by individual. There are three major factors that are involved along with Phentermine diet pill. It mainly depends on how your body reacts to the medications and how long you take it for and also it depends on the tolerance.

Eating habits – Consume less than 2000 calories/day.

Physically Active – People with full active would get more benefits of the Adipex.

Tolerance – by taking this medication for the longer period would make tolerance to it. – Weight loss solutions to keep in mind while using Phentermine & Adipex

Though Phentermine and Adipex are the leading medications for treating obesity and weight loss rapidly, they alone can not work in a reduction in weight. Individuals need to take other physical measures along with these two medications. There are certain weight loss tips to follow while using Phentermine and Adipex medications. Some of them are listed below.

Drink plenty of water

This is one of the needed measures to follow to reduce the fats in the body. Consuming water helps individuals to increase the energy level by powering up the metabolism level in the body and it also helps to burn the fats in the water. At some times, your brain may not know whether you are hungry or dehydrated, at that time-consuming water can help you to identify the need of the brain and get away from dehydration.

The specialty of water is that the person feels full while consuming water, which keeps the person away from appetite and hunger. The best idea is to consume the water 20 minutes before taking the meals, which makes your body to consume less food. Consuming water while the drug pills will produce a greater result within a few days of the treatment.

Making your body to practice to live with water will help make the system used to it and within a few days the body becomes stable with the process and helps to burn weight and maintain it.

Take high-calorie foods

As we all know that using Phentermine and Adipex can reduce your appetite and helps to lose weight, but it doesn’t mean that you should not consume food or reduce your food intake. For a healthier recovery, you need to take the meals which are high in nutrients and low fat. For a good and healthy weight loss, your meals should have a maximum of 1200 calories split equally in all your three foods. A calorie-rich food should contain healthy fats, nutrients, proteins, vitamins, fibers and natural fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, do not consume foods like soda, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar, butter and other fatty foods, as this may increase the expel of Phentermine and Adipex medications quicker by making your urinary pH acidic. So it is recommended not to take these foods while consuming these two weight loss pills.

Proper physical exercise

Along with proper nutrients and healthy food, individuals also need a proper physical exercise to burn the fats in the body. Individuals can go through physical exercises like gym training, yoga class, and aerobics.

Keeping yourself fit while using Phentermine and Adipex medications by doing exercises like running, dancing, cycling, jogging will help you to burn fats easily. Though all these exercises are hard to follow, once your body adopts this process, then you can lose your weight effectively and keep yourself fit along with the Phentermine and Adipex pills.

Keep your mind in the state of peace

This is one of the important things that individuals need to follow during the treatment for weight loss. Change your style of living like a good time of sleep, keep your mind relax and pleasant, encourage yourself with nature and social activities and be away from depression or stress. All this would naturally help you in reducing weight. This can be done even without Phentermine and Adipex pills, as this could provide you the best feeling and enjoy your life.

Following all the above methods along with Phentermine and Adipex medication to get through the weight loss treatment effectively.