Adipex is the trade name of chemical compound Phentermine. It has been prescribed for weight loss therapy. It is possible to procure Adipex over the counter but it is not safe though. It is best to order Adipex by presenting a valid prescription to the pharmacist. We cannot deny the fact during the early time of this drug arrival it was regulated under over the counter weight loss pill. But after Adipex has been continuously reported for its side effects it was taken off from the over the counter list. And added it has been classified as controlled substances. It is not safe to get drugs under controlled substance without RX.

Adipex Over The CounterBut still, many people approach this method to order Adipex. The reported side effects are dizziness, fainting, heart disorders and muscle cramp. Consider the scenario like you have purchased Adipex without consulting the doctor, while using it you will not know how to take the pill and what dosage will suit you to burn fat. This is exactly what do you need to know when taking any medication. In simple words by make of this approach, you are risking your health.

Beware of “Adipex over the counter” Advertisement

If you see any pharmacy advertise for buying Adipex without the prescription, it is working against law and order. If any doctor or pharmacists distribute this medication without the help of prescription, it is also an illegal way regardless of the experience of the doctor and reputation of the pharmacy. If you attempt to take Adipex through over the counter purchase, there is no guarantee for health safety.

Many online retailers would advertise as Adipex over the counter sale. You should know that they are doing dangerous business. They claim to be selling quality drugs but in reality, the pill might contain unwanted fillers or harmful chemicals. Sometimes they would just change the name of other pills or unsold drugs into Adipex and offer you without even requiring a medical script. The act of purchasing Adipex from nearby local drugstore only with the pharmacist recommendation is also illegal

In these days, the trending news that revolves around online pharmacies websites is getting an online prescription through virtual doctor consultation. FDA warns the customers who are opting any online consultation services for getting RX and medication is dangerous. There are several portals they claim to offer consultation that similar to consulting local doctor consultation. In the end, they would distribute this diet pill by just making their customers to answer few questions.

It is highly important to protect the health. If you indulge in any of this illegal activity while buying Adipex, remember the fact you may or may not reduce weight. But you have to face the consequence if health department in your state found out.

The best and safe to purchase Adipex is by undergoing physical consultation. Your doctor will check your health and note down your current weight in order to recommend you the correct dosage and proper way to take Adipex.