Sandra from the US- My experience with Adipex medication is not that good. Till now I have been in the treatment with this weight loss medication twice. Initially, I lost 20 pounds totally and I stopped consuming the drug as it should be taken only for a shorter span. It is very unfortunate that I gained the lost pounds again. Now, I have again started the treatment after a short break and till now I have lost only 4 pounds for two weeks. The effectiveness is not like before and I am completely disappointed.

Adipex ReviewsDiana, Los Angeles- Everybody expects miracle as soon as they take Adipex pills and I should not like as I was one among them. Once I read the reviews I felt positive and thought that just by consuming the tablets regularly it can help me to lose the desired amount of weight. However, this is not true at all. This is a combinational therapy where I have to follow a proper diet and exercise. When I created a proper schedule and followed it I started to shed pounds from my body. This drug would only help you in suppressing your appetite and do not expect miracles by just taking the tablets.

Stephan, California- I always disliked the ill effects that are triggered in the body after Adipex is taken. After two to three hours of taking the medication I would start to feel agitated even for small issues. I am a school teacher hence when my students do mischief in class it becomes unable to control anger. This is definitely not good for a teacher. I felt that the drug is suppressing my hunger too much that my mind reflexes in a bad way. It is time to stop using the drug anytime soon.

Clara, Boston- Nobody tells you about sleep issues that are triggered after taking Adipex medication. I have read a lot of reviews prior consuming the medication and I did not hear about sleeping issues from it. My healthcare professional told me to take half of 37.5mg dose before breakfast and the remaining half after eating my lunch. So, there will be a minimum of 9 hours gap between my last dose and sleep. However, it becomes very difficult for me to sleep at night. I would only sleep for three to four hours at night during the treatment. If you are a person who is already suffering from sleep disorders then this medication would worsen it to a greater extent.

William, Singapore- It is being three weeks that I am on the treatment with Adipex drug. However, I have not even lost a single pound. This is really frustrating. I checked online and many of them have posted that increasing the drug dose might increase the effectiveness it. So, I decided to do that but also thought about consulting with my healthcare professional. He told me that he has given me the highest dose which is 37.5mg. This is the general dose that everyone takes. He mentioned that increasing the dosage strength of the drug after this limit would not have any better effects on weight loss. I am too much confused on taking the next step. I might stop using the pills after a week if the situation continues like this.

Jordon, USA- I lost 5 pounds after taking the medication for six weeks. This is significantly very less as I expected more and also spent more on the drug. I did not skip my medication and I was on proper diet as well as exercise. I am very disappointed with Adipex pills.