Adipex and Phentermine both are the same stimulants but these are different in their usages. Generally, these two medications are prescribed by doctors to the patient who wants to lose their weight. Also, from the old days to nowadays Phentermine is the world famous prescribed medicine to reduce the fat in the body of the patient. It is not surprising since this weight loss drug was approved by Food and Drug Administration FDA in 1959 which is the major action of appetite suppression.

These two drugs share same results identical to each other, precautions and even side effects. There are minor differences between Adipex and Phentermine medications which are listed below.

Phentermine and Adipex Differences Adipex vs Phentermine

–    Adipex medication is an alternative to the generic Phentermine which consists of Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5mg, Brand Phentermine has the chemical substance and dosage of the brand version of Phentermine 37.5mg.

–    Unlike Phentermine, Adipex consists not only active ingredients but also consists of various extra inactive components, including a colorant, cornstarch and other chemical substances that are combined to get an easily recognized product etc.

–    Apart from the drug forms and dosages, both the medications have been differing in inactive ingredients which are combined with the active components. So that it can produce the different effects.

–    However, the end result of the weight loss treatment course would depend on the general health condition of the patient. Both the weight loss medication can cause the slight different effect and leads to the weight loss process differently.

Contradictions between Adipex and Phentermine

–    Do not consume those drugs if you are allergic to the medications. Also, it is excellent to give attention to an exception to such issues as high blood pressure, glaucoma and thyroid etc. Also, it is better to avoid in case if you have the heart problems, like stroke and heart attack etc.

–    It is not good to intake the Adipex and Phentermine for the breastfeeding and pregnant women. As they have a severe impact on the health of the fetus and nursing child.

–    If you are MAO inhibitors were consumed within the last two weeks it is recommended to avoid taking the drug. You should follow the doctor’s written Rx and never change the prescribed dosage and strength during the treatment course.

Both the Phentermine and Adipex medications are strived to serve only a part of the complete weight loss process. In addition to those medications, a person who wants to achieve the effect faster, one should be stick to a balanced diet, taking low-calorie food and working out regularly. By increasing the drug dosage which means it doesn’t produce the boosted effect; henceforth it can cause multiple severe health side effects.