As we all know that Adipex medication has been considering as a best weight loss solution for obesity problem which works by suppressing the appetite and helps individuals to reduce calories and burn fats.

History of Adipex

The weight loss solution of Adipex is a brand variant from which the generic Phentermine hydrochloride is developed. These drugs are manufactured by GATE pharmaceuticals affiliated with Teva Pharmaceuticals. The drug approved by FDA in the year 1959 after which it came into the market for sale. Other than this weight loss solution is available in different brands like Phentral, Fastin, Adipex P and many other meds are available which is differs from each manufacturer.

When this weight loss medication is released into the market, it was one of the best seller drugs among people. But within a few days people started feeling side effects with the medicine and in 1988 this medication is reported as Over the counter drug and was taken off from the weight loss pills list.

After which many medicines were manufactured as an alternative to the Adipex medication but nothing as provided the result of the generic Phentermine drugs. When the Adipex medication is changed to the state of a prescription drug, the whole process of ordering Adipex online also changes periodically.

Getting this prescription drug is possible by generating an Rx either from an online pharmacy or from a local Doctor clinic. Getting online Adipex prescription is very simple, the process involves by submitting a questionnaire form with the required information.

With the approval of the questionnaire form, the physician will provide you a paperless digital medical script. This online prescription is a virtual consultation which has become illegal in the year 2005.

How to get Adipex online

A legal way of getting the prescription is to consult the physician in a nearby clinic and consult with the Doctor and generate a paper printed prescription. With this paper script, you can get the drug from online by sharing the medical script number into the web portal.

This way of ordering medication is safe and legal Adipex prescription in online or local places. If any drugstore provides the weight loss medication without prescription then ordering medicines from them will result in getting fake prescription diet pills online.

The process of purchasing Phentermine online is very simple and easy if you have a prescription in hand. By following the drugstore’s protocol and guidelines you can easily order the medication.

If you are not interested in getting Adipex prescription, then there are several natural alternatives provided by the online pharmacies for no Rx option. But it can end in unwanted side effects than positive results.

There are few other medications available other than Adipex pills are Trim Thin SR, Phen Apex, Fenfast 375 Adiphene, Phen375 and the list goes on. Taking Adipex pills as per the prescription dosage will help to get through the weight loss effectively.

Precautions Should Be Taken Before Using Adipex Diet Pills

Precautions using AdipexAdipex is the generic form of Phentermine and it a brand name for this prescription drug. By following the correct diet, and proper exercise, this medicine will help you to reduce the extra fat in your body.

It is not a casual weight loss medication that can be taken OTC, it a prescription drug that requires doctors consultation before procuring this medication.

Adipex will act as an appetite suppressant so automatically you won’t feel hungry and will allow you to take only the necessary amount of food. It works by affecting the central nervous system that is the same as amphetamines.

  • If you have BMI level more than 27 or having high blood pressure or cholesterol and type-2 diabetes, then you may require the consultation from the healthcare professional to prescribe Adipex in assisting for the weight loss reduction.
  • The drug is not advised for the pregnant women, it will affect harm the fetus because it is listed under the Pregnancy Category X by the FDA.
  • It’s better to check with a doctor before consuming Adipex. Also, choosing the right pharmacy is necessary.
  • You can buy this Adipex medication from the both local and online drugstores but you can’t able to get the new meds from the mortar drugstores, which is why we recommend you to buy the medication form the online pharmacies who will provide you with the new meds and also contains the availability of both generic and brand version of Adipex medication.

Avoid procuring this medication if you have the following problems or taking any other medication drugs,

MAO Inhibitors: It is known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors. You should avoid taking this drug prior to 14 days before consuming Adipex medication. It is because; taking this drug along with the MAO inhibitors might cause dangerous drug interactions such as hallucinations, seizures, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure. Check with your doctor and let them know about you have been taking this MAO inhibitor before they provide you with the prescription.

Allergies: If you already suffered from the allergy of taking Adipex pills then you must step away from this. If you are having an allergy to other weight loss medicines, cold drugs or amphetamines then you should not take the generic Phentermine drug. Do not take if you are allergic to aspirin or tartrazine and yellow food dye.

Disease: One should stop intake of this weight loss tablets if they have a history of heart-related issues like stroke or rhythmic problems, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure. Also, do not consume the generic Phentermine tablets if you have the overactive thyroid or been diagnosed with glaucoma and kidney or liver disease.

Substance Abuse: If you are having a history of alcohol or drug abuse, then it is better to avoid using Adipex medication.

Anxiety: Do not intake the medication if you have an anxiety disorder or ever been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Addiction: Already you know Adipex is the effective appetite suppressant medication but you should know some important thing that is this will become habit-forming. Do not share this medication with others and keep it away from the children. Keep the number of pills that are prescribed by the doctor.

What are the Adipex Side Effects?

To be frank not all of the side effects of Adipex are risks. Although, some people can face insignificant side effects in life and be irritating to them. Some of the Adipex-P adverse reactions are dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation. You may go with these symptoms in your daily life since they are not too serious but it will not pleasant.

Adipex Side EffectsJitters or sleepiness may cause while taking this medication too late in the day. Most of the doctor prescribe Adipex medication to take twice in a day, morning and before lunch. So that you do not get into staying asleep. Yet, if midnight cocktails are issues for you, your physician may endorse the third dosage before dinner.

Suppose if you are taking the medicine late in the day, you will definitely suffer from insomnia, a sleeping disorder and that can determinant to gain more weight quickly.

Some other side effects of Adipex-P

  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Uncontrolled annoyance
  • Mood changes
  • Nervousness
  • Decrease in heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Twitches
  • Sexual desire loss

Since life-changing and irritating as the above-mentioned side effects can be, there are some adverse reactions occur while taking this medication. Pulmonary hypertension and severe heart diseases have been developed in patients who used this strong prescription pill. Sometimes these symptoms can lead to death.

There may be a higher chance to have heart problems while taking this medicine on a long-term basis. Using Adipex along with other fat burner supplements can be dreadful, suppose if the particular supplements are herbal or apparently pure.

Create more severe adverse reactions when combined natural supplements and prescription pill ingredients.

If you have blistering in the feet or legs, breathing problems, heart palpitations, not able to exercise or chest pain, then you should get into the consultation with your physician immediately.

Allergy symptoms to Adipex-P Medication

Some people may not be familiar with an allergic reaction to this medication. The ingredients which are used in medicine are not regularly used throughout the day or in other prescription tablets.

Stop taking the medicine immediately if found any of below-mentioned side effects which are caused by allergic reactions to Adipex.

  • Pounding Heartbeat
  • Tremors
  • Sweating in hands or legs or anklets
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Breath shortness
  • Rashes
  • Hives
  • Itching

Address these Adipex adverse effects to your healthcare professional and immediately look for medical attention as this is frequent one of the first serious adverse reactions that alert allergic symptoms.

Safer Fat Burner Supplements

You can use Obilean supplement, which is much safer alternatives and it will not have the similar side effects. Shop pharmacy counter provides over the counter natural fat burner aid that has no unusual adverse effects and will help you to lose more weight without difficulties.

Adipex Reviews

Adipex Reviews

My experience with Adipex medication is not that good. Till now I have been in the treatment with this weight loss medication twice. Initially, I lost 20 pounds totally and I stopped consuming the drug as it should be taken only for a shorter span. It is very unfortunate that I gained the lost pounds again. Now, I have again started the treatment after a short break and till now I have lost only 4 pounds for two weeks. The effectiveness is not like before and I am completely disappointed.

Sandra, USA

Everybody expects miracle as soon as they take Adipex pills and I should not like as I was one among them. Once I read the reviews I felt positive and thought that just by consuming the tablets regularly it can help me to lose the desired amount of weight. However, this is not true at all. This is a combinational therapy where I have to follow a proper diet and exercise. When I created a proper schedule and followed it I started to shed pounds from my body. This drug would only help you in suppressing your appetite and do not expect miracles by just taking the tablets.

Diana, Los Angeles

I always disliked the ill effects that are triggered in the body after Adipex is taken. After two to three hours of taking the medication I would start to feel agitated even for small issues. I am a school teacher hence when my students do mischief in class it becomes unable to control anger. This is definitely not good for a teacher. I felt that the drug is suppressing my hunger too much that my mind reflexes in a bad way. It is time to stop using the drug anytime soon.

Stephan, UK

Nobody tells you about sleep issues that are triggered after taking Adipex medication. I have read a lot of reviews prior consuming the medication and I did not hear about sleeping issues from it. My healthcare professional told me to take half of 37.5mg dose before breakfast and the remaining half after eating my lunch. So, there will be a minimum of 9 hours gap between my last dose and sleep. However, it becomes very difficult for me to sleep at night. I would only sleep for three to four hours at night during the treatment. If you are a person who is already suffering from sleep disorders then this medication would worsen it to a greater extent.

Clara, Boston

It is being three weeks that I am on the treatment with Adipex drug. However, I have not even lost a single pound. This is really frustrating. I checked online and many of them have posted that increasing the drug dose might increase the effectiveness it. So, I decided to do that but also thought about consulting with my healthcare professional. He told me that he has given me the highest dose which is 37.5mg. This is the general dose that everyone takes. He mentioned that increasing the dosage strength of the drug after this limit would not have any better effects on weight loss. I am too much confused on taking the next step. I might stop using the pills after a week if the situation continues like this.

William, Singapore

I lost 5 pounds after taking the medication for six weeks. This is significantly very less as I expected more and also spent more on the drug. I did not skip my medication and I was on proper diet as well as exercise. I am very disappointed with Adipex pills.

Jordon, USA