phentermine from canadaOrdering over the counter Phentermine from Canada is not a tedious task but it will be not safe and legal. Since the Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance by reason of its addictive nature. It is better to buy Phentermine with the prior medical script. Even some Canadian pharmacies would ensure that their pill ingredients are safe effective to use without physician advice as these drugstores follow other Canadian drug schedules IInd, IIIrd, IVth. According to the Canadian 1st drug schedule, a pharmacy which requires a medical prescription for selling the medication and that consider as a legitimate pharmacy. So mostly legitimate Canadian pharmacies would sell weight loss medication with doctor prescription instead of the over the counter Phentermine medication.

There are two ways to obtain Medical Rx from Canada

(i) Offline – If you are residing in Canada, you can go to the clinic and visit the doctor. Explain your obesity issues and asked your physician to prescribe Phentermine pill. If you are eligible to take the weight loss medicine, then a doctor will issue the Rx, endorsed with dosage and treatment course duration.

(ii)Online – In case if you are not able to visit the virtual doctor, then you can consult the online physician to procure a medical remedy for weight loss medication. Many online pharmacies available to provide doctor consultation service, where their licensed physician issue the prescription for fat burner pill who requires. Mostly, Canadian pharmacies provide OTC Phentermine but instead, you need a medical script; you can easily procure from this pharmacy as they would provide this service at an affordable price.

By the above prescription, an individual can easily purchase over the counter Phentermine from Canada.

Benefits of prescribed Phentermine OTC Phentermine pills

Effectiveness – Taking Phentermine under doctor guidelines will give positive results in weight reduction compared to OTC Phentermine pills because the doctor would provide the correct dosage based on patient health condition. Even the dosage is not effectively working on the body; the physicians would gradually increase the dosage strength level and keep track of the weight loss treatment. This could not happen with the OTC medication as the patient could not able to choose the right dosage for obesity issues; this may have a chance to get tolerated towards the medicine. Buying weight loss with doctor prescription would help you to reduce the weight immediately.

No Legality Issues – Some countries will not allow you to import the medicine without a prescription. If in case, you are located in US country and ordering OTC Phentermine from Canada you would be penalized by the US government. As per the countries federal law, the pills should be purchased with the prior medical remedy. While ordering Phentermine with Rx, you will not face any legality issues.

Discounts on Phentermine Prescription Drug – Canadian pharmacy would provide more discounts on prescription medication than OTC pills. People those who are not able to afford the weight loss medicine at other places can get prescribed Phentermine medication at a cheaper price from a Canadian pharmacy. This will help you to save a lot of money on the medical expenses.