phentermine vs other diet pillsYou can easily reduce the extra fat in your body by obtaining the available weight loss pills in the market like Meridia, Phentermine, Hydroxycut, Caffeine, and Xenical. One of these diet medications is Phentermine, this drug works by Compared to other weight loss medication, Phentermine pills work more effectively in treating obesity. There are many other variations of this Phentermine medication compared with the other OTC drugs. Because Phentermine is a branded one you can get this medication in a legal manner only. By other diet pills, you can easily procure by using the over the counter method. So these drugs have very poor authenticity when compared with the branded medication. Some of the factors that differ between Phentermine medication and other over the counter medications are listed below.

The effectiveness of Phentermine over other OTC based diet pills

Phentermine is approved medication by FDA association for treating obesity. So, when compared to Meridia and Xenical OTC pills, the branded medication works more effectively, because it has approved ingredients of FDA department. The working function of each medication may differ based on the dosage taken.

Working function

Consuming the Phentermine medication as per the doctor’s advice will work more effectively by absorbing the only the good calorie present in the food and gradually makes the central nervous system to reduce the interest towards the appetite and helps to lose weight. This is a general working function of a weight loss drug but taking this medication over the counter can change the working procedure and ends with negative results.

Side effects associated with these OTC medications

Taking the weight loss pills without proper prescription even if anyone purchased over the counter Phentermine can end up with unwanted side effects. As most of the weight loss pills have a control substance and comes under schedule IV class, there is high chance for individuals to become addictive to the drug. When this medication is taken without consulting the physician it can lead to side effects like addiction, drowsiness, dizziness and many more.

All this can be avoided by following Phentermine prescription. This will help you to keep track of the dosage taken. The dose will gradually increase and decrease based on the individuals, all this can be followed if individuals have a proper medical script.

Cost variations

The price of diet pills is economically higher compared to other medications. Opting for an OTC method can help you to get the weight loss drug at a cheap price, but the medication quality will be low. But, in case of prescription Phentermine individuals can get the quality pills at the standard price when opting for a reputed drugstore.

Safety issues

Phentermine medication is a prescription only drug so, no one should buy Phentermine over the counter medication and there are many problems associated in getting the meds in an illegal way like difficulty in tracking the dose, chances of getting fake meds, sometimes penalty will be issued by the government for illegal shopping.

There are many problems included in buying OTC diets pills, both in legal and health problems. Opting for this kind of method would end up in getting fake or diluted meds. Taking this sort of medication would end up with severe side effects. So, it is not safe to take the weight loss pills without proper medical guidelines.