Adipex is the generic form of Phentermine and it a brand name for this prescription drug. By following the correct diet, and proper exercise, this Adipex medicine will help you to reduce the extra fat in your body. It is not a casual weight loss medication that can be taken OTC, it a prescription drug that requires doctors consultation before procuring this medication. Adipex will act as an appetite suppressant so automatically you won’t feel hungry and will allow you to take only the necessary amount of food.

Precautions using AdipexIt works by affecting the central nervous system that is same as amphetamines. If you have BMI level more than 27 or having high blood pressure or cholesterol and type-2 diabetes, then you may require the consultation from the healthcare professional to prescribe Adipex in assisting for the weight loss reduction. Adipex is not advised for the pregnant women, it will affect harm the fetus because Adipex is listed under the Pregnancy Category X by the FDA.

It’s better to check with a doctor before consuming Adipex. Also, choosing the right pharmacy is necessary. One can buy this Adipex medication from the both local and online drugstores but you can’t able to get the new meds from the mortar drugstores, which is why we recommend you to buy the medication form the online pharmacies who will provide you with the new meds and also contains the availability of both generic and brand version of Adipex medication.

Avoid procuring this medication if you have the following problems or taking any other medication drugs,

MAO Inhibitors

It is known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors. You should avoid taking this drug prior to 14 days before consuming the Adipex medication. It is because; taking this Adipex drug along with the MAO inhibitors might cause dangerous drug interactions such as hallucinations, seizures, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure. Check with your doctor and let them know about you have been taking this MAO inhibitor before they provide you with the prescription.


If you already suffered from the allergy of taking this Adipex pills then you must step away from this. If you are having an allergy of other weight loss medicines, cold drugs or amphetamines then you should not take the generic Phentermine drug. Do not take if you are allergic to aspirin or tartrazine and yellow food dye.


One should stop intake Adipex tablets if they have a history of heart-related issues like stroke or rhythmic problems, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure. Also, do not consume the generic Phentermine tablets if you have the overactive thyroid or been diagnosed with glaucoma and kidney or liver disease.

Substance Abuse

If you are having a history of alcohol or drug abuse, then it is better to avoid taking this Adipex medication.


Do not intake the Adipex medication if you have an anxiety disorder or ever been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.


Already you know Adipex is the effective appetite suppressant medication but you should know some important thing that is this will become habit forming. Do not share this medication with others and keep it away from the children. Keep the number of pills that are prescribed by the doctor.